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VRFunz uses the best currently available technology for the truly immersive experience



VRFunz uses the best currently available technology for the truly immersive experience:

  • last generation HTC Vive and Oculus Rift headsets
  • best room-scale tracking with extraordinary precision
  • wireless technology by HTC Vive for untethered virtual reality
  • the last generation Intel and NVIDIA powered rigs with more computing power than it is reasonable

Events & Parties

We Host The Following

Birthday parties

We provide the best experience for you and your guests. There is a fixed fee for up to 8 players for Birthday party bookings.

corporate Events

We have a wide range of activities for your team ranging from team competitive tournaments, immersive thrill rides and gaming consoles, access to our bar and private seating area.

school events

We are equipped to host fantastic activities for students. Bring a minimum of 8 and maximum of 28 students per session.

Team Building

Our team building tournament package is comprised of fantastic and unique activities to test your team in exciting co-operative and solo competitions.

Our Games



VR Eggs

VR eggs are a 3D sculptural art installation that serves as a medium for experiencing virtual reality. The egg is made from a high-density resin shell and includes an internal volume for content. The viewer can wear VR equipment and wear a full body suit, which makes them feel as if they are inside the egg’s interior world.



We use the best currently available technology to give you a truly immersive experience.


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